Fabric Care

Just like our bodies, our clothing endures plenty of wear and tear from daily life. Take care of your fabric just as your would yourself and you'll find your clothing will last for years to come. We know it's easy to just throw things in the wash, so we have created these basic guidelines to make sure your high-end products go the extra mile!

    • Wash in Cold with similar garments and colors. Detergents labeled "free" or "clear" won't have softeners, perfumes or additives that may leave harmful residue on your clothing, which eventually break down the fabric's technical attributes.
    • Use the "Gentle" cycle. Do not use any fabric softeners (liquids or sheets). These clog up the fabrics and prevent them from performing.
    • Heat, as a rule of thumb, breaks down Lycra over time and may decrease other performance features. For best results, air dry, preferably indoors away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
    • Keep away/separate from abrasives such as velcro, zippers, and other like products as these can harm specialty fabrics such as activewear and delicates.